Study Abroad

Abel Flint in Shanghai, China

Abel Flint '15 (sixth from left), a Business major, completed an internship while abroad in Shanghai

There are many options all over the world for Business majors and minors to study abroad. Studying abroad contributes to gaining the cultural experience needed to succeed in the global economy. As a student studying abroad your primary purpose should be learning the culture and business practices of your given country. This will enhance your knowledge of the world and ensure your success in the field of business.

This page contains information that will assist Business majors and minors determining how to integrate study abroad into their Brandeis careers. Generally, students who study abroad for one semester have little difficulty completing the Business major or minor. Those who choose to study abroad for an entire year will have to work with their advisor or the Study Abroad Liaison to develop a plan that will allow them to finish the major on time, but this is possible.

Sample of Approved Programs with Business Coursework

Visit the Brandeis Approved Programs List to review a comprehensive list of programs that offer Business coursework. Click on "Advanced Search" to filter options or search for unique program traits like internships or research. Additional programs might have acceptable coursework, but this list shows the primary locations where Business courses may be available.

Business Study Abroad Liaison

To assist students with their academic choices abroad and to help answer any questions about receiving major/ minor credit while abroad, each academic department and program has assigned a faculty member to serve as the Study Abroad Liaison. Business majors who plan to study abroad should speak with the study abroad liaison before they go abroad, and again once they have returned from study abroad.

The liaison for Business is Prof. Hamza Abdurezak.

Receiving Credit in Business

Students wishing to receive Business credit for work done off campus during the academic year should discuss their desired coursework with the Study Abroad Liaison for Business prior to studying abroad. After returning from abroad, download and complete the Petition to Request Substitution for a Requirement form and then request to meet with the Study Abroad Liaison.


Can I receive Business credit for courses taken overseas?

Yes, there are appropriate courses for Business program credit at universities in the Brandeis Study Abroad Program. It is important to remember that your primary purpose studying abroad should be learning the culture and business environment in your given country, not fulfilling major/minor requirements.

What is the best strategy for planning courses for my Business program while I study abroad?

Generally, the best strategy is to take courses thematically similar to Brandeis Business electives. Required, core Business courses Bus 6a, Bus 10a, Bus 120a, Bus 152a, Bus 71a, and Bus 172a must be taken at Brandeis. Please visit the Registrar's Office website for the most up-to-date program requirements or see the the Business program's requirements.

What courses are most recommended for study abroad?

When you are choosing courses for study abroad, select a course that would fall into one of the Thematic Electives sub-heads (such as those in sub-head III.A: Communications, Commerce, and Culture courses, Law and Government courses, or Environment, Health and Social Policy courses).  Courses should be full semester courses of comparable academic rigor to those offered at Brandeis.

To request courses in Thematic Elective sub-head section III.B (Business Administration), please contact the Study Abroad Liaison and the Brandeis faculty member who teaches the equivalent of that class for approval.

How do I get courses pre-approved so that I am assured to get Brandeis Business program credit while I study abroad?

It is important to have all study abroad courses pre-approved by the faculty liaison for the Business program, Prof. Hamza Abdurezak.

  • To ensure your courses are appropriate for major/minor credit you must make an appointment with Professor Abdurezak.
  • After making an appointment, send the syllabus (not course descriptions) for each course you are planning to take abroad that you hope can be counted towards your Business program. Please, bring these syllabi with you to your appointment with Professor Abdurezak.
  • Courses will be evaluated in a timely fashion.  You will know before you go abroad which courses will or will not count toward your Business major or minor. Be mindful of the time of the year, this request should be submitted prior to the last 2 to 3 weeks of the semester.
What if the course I have had pre-approved is no longer available or appropriate when I get to my study abroad location?

If your plans change for any reason, send the Business study abroad liaison an email with the syllabi for a new course options you are considering as soon as possible at or before the start of the semester. This will help to prevent disappointment when you return, approval for these new courses are not guaranteed.

Is there a minimum grade I need to earn to get Brandeis Business program credit?

To receive course credit for pre-approved courses taken abroad you must earn at least a C+.

I haven't been accepted into the Business major program yet but want to apply to study abroad, what should I do?

For now, make sure that you're declared with the Business minor and continue with the process of getting the classes you hope to take approved. When applying for approval to study abroad, you are required to have another declared major in case you're not accepted into the Business major program.