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Requirements for the Minor

The business minor requires six courses:

Core courses

  • Survey of Economics (ECON 2a) or Introduction to Microeconomics (Econ 10a)   gives you a conceptual foundation in economics.
  • Financial Accounting (BUS 6a) gives you the tools you need to analyze business data.
  • Functions of the Capitalist Enterprise (BUS 10a) introduces the most important functions in a business and the roles of business in society.

Additional courses

  • One non-ECON, Business and Society course: refer to the "Thematic Electives in Business and Society" section of the requirement sheet.
  • Any one business course, numbered above BUS 10a, including LGLS 189a; but not including Bus 51b, Bus 89a or Bus 98a.
  • One additional course: any Business & Society elective (including ECON courses) or Business Administration elective.

Note: You MUST earn a grade of "C" or above to count toward your minor in your core and all Business Administration electives. “C-“  is the minimum grade you must earn in your Business and Society courses. No courses taken pass/fail will count towards the Business minor.