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Class of 2016

Congratulations to all of our MTCC students who graduated on Sunday, May 22!

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With the rapid growth of China’s economy, as well as its burgeoning cultural and international influences, the Chinese language is in high demand in the United States and other Western countries. Within all levels of the U.S. education system, the study of the Chinese language is progressing steadily. Brandeis University’s one year Master of Arts Program in Teaching Chinese prepares students to be instructors at the collegiate level within the U.S. education system.

 The M.A. in Teaching Chinese at the college level (MTCC) provides:

  • Instruction in class design, theory, and practice for effective teaching within the U. S. education system at a college/university or at a high school which is offering or working towards college-level Chinese courses (AP Chinese Language and Culture)
  • Training in pedagogy, allowing students to successfully teach Chinese language, society, and culture courses of college level and/or implement a curriculum program in Chinese language, society, and culture to better prepare students for college level Chinese courses
  • Chinese language teaching experience in an undergraduate classroom, under the tutelage of renowned faculty
  • A one-year program

We invite you to learn more about our unique program, which is for students who have already obtained a foreign master’s degree in either teaching Chinese as a foreign language or in overseas Chinese language teaching (while at Brandeis, students will be pursuing their second master’s degree).

Prospective students who are interested in obtaining the initial licensure to teach Chinese in a secondary (middle/high school) public school system should research Brandeis’ Master of Arts in Teaching: Chinese program. Use this chart for a side-by-side comparison of the two programs (MAT in Secondary Education (Chinese) and the MA in Teaching Chinese (College Level)).