July 25, 2016

By Simon Goodacre | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Ning Liu, MA’16, has dreamed of teaching Chinese since she was very young. She particularly enjoys the interaction with students, saying, “Watching them grow and learn each day is such a rewarding experience.” Having completed her Master’s in Teaching Chinese at Brandeis earlier this year, she preparing for her new role as a Lecturer of East Asian Studies at Princeton University.

Ning received a master’s degree at Fudan University in Shanghai. She says she wanted to study abroad “to gain a new perspective of the world and to experience an education system which could inspire me.” Ning was looking for a program that would help her become qualified to teach in the United States. “The Master’s in Teaching Chinese program at Brandeis is the perfect career stepping stone for a young Chinese-language teacher,” she says, and she has no doubt that her experience at Brandeis “absolutely delivered.”

A key benefit of studying at Brandeis was the faculty. “The professors here were really helpful,” she says. “We were able to ask any questions we had, whether they were about our studies, our career, or just life in general.” She credits the professors with helping her to improve her teaching and also helping her pursue her career after Brandeis. Even though the program only takes one year, she was able to absorb a great deal. “During my study not only did I learn a tremendous amount about teaching pedagogy and Chinese philosophy, but I also benefited greatly from the Teaching Practicum course.”

One of the most exciting aspects of studying at Brandeis was the range of courses that were available. “As part of my studies, I took an archaeology class from the anthropology department,” she says. “Brandeis was an amazing university to be a part of. We talked a lot about the relationship between materials and human beings, which significantly influenced the way I see the world.”

Overall, Ning believes that her experience at Brandeis has greatly improved her abilities and prospects as an instructor of Chinese. As she prepares to teach at Princeton, she reflects on the past year: “I am so glad that I chose Brandeis and so lucky that Brandeis chose me!”