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Graduate Students: 2017-2018

Ying Ma

Ying MaMy name is Ying Ma. I got my bachelor’s degree in international economy and trade from China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) at 2012. After I graduated from CPU, I worked as an academic representative in Pfizer Inc. for three years. Due to my capability in communication and work performance, I was elected as the regional training manager to give professional lessons concerning latest instructions of medicine use to every colleague. During that period, I took the additional responsibilities of announcing latest information about medicine use, preparing the lessons and making promoting plans, which greatly improved my presentation skills and tempered my teaching capacity. Importantly, the wonderful feelings during each lesson impel me to make up my mind to become a professional instructor.

Besides, I love reading, including every valuable book, from Confucius to Sheryl Sandberg. And I have a systematic understanding of Chinese culture. Combined with my own experience of teaching, I believe I will become an excellent Chinese teacher in the future. In my mind, education should explore the shining points of every student and offer everyone specialized development program. Nevertheless, I clearly know my disadvantages, which is why I choose Brandeis University to continue my further study. With the cutting-edge technologies and scientific teaching methods, the MTCC program will absolutely provide me with the professional training to boost my career. I am confident that I will have a brand-new and wonderful life with my professors and students in Brandeis University.

Xue Song

Xue SongAs a graduate student of Minzu University of China (MUC), my field of study is Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Before that, I used to be an English major when I was in college. While when I was a junior I was selected as teacher of Online Confucius College, where I set up two courses focused on Chinese idiom stories. I was impressed by students’ enthusiasm in learning Chinese. This experience endows me interest and encouragement to teach Chinese, so I determinedly changed my major and chose MUC as the start point of my new goal. I indeed learnt a lot during my one-year study in MUC, academically as well as practically. I not only took professional courses, but also worked as part-time tutor of foreign students in College of International education, online teacher of ChineseBon, as well as the driller of CET. My understanding on Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages deepened. All of these triggered my aspiration of studying abroad.

By now I am even more determined to be an extraordinary Chinese teacher who is equipped with intercultural awareness and skills. I am looking forward to the coming semester in Brandeis. I firmly believe that Brandeis, which boasts renowned reputation and resources, is able to make my dream come true.