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Cohort 11 Class of 2013 Research Presentations:

Jenna Adler
"Discussing Directions"

Jeremy Arcus-Golderg
"Windows and Mirrors: Perspectives on Child Study"
Watch Jeremy's presentation>>

Jennie Berger
"Koreh ve'keef קורא וכיף: Exploring Routine and Adaptive Expertise"
Watch Jennie's presentation >>

Dani Carrus
"Hashem Echad ה' אחד : Exploring Students' Understanding of God"
Watch Dani's presentation>>

Merissa Goldman
"Giving Children the Wings to Fly on Their Own"
Watch Merissa's presentation>>

AJ Landau
"Alive, Awake, Alert: Exploring Teacher Presence"

Jen Levinson
"Refocusing the Lens: My Story about Seeing Sarah"

Josh Pernick
"Why So Many Hands?: Insights from Student Questions after Directions"
Watch Josh's presentation>>

Rachel Shorr Deutsch
"Fostering Student Engagement in Learning Hebrew"
Watch Rachel's presentation>>

Avraham Wachs Cashman
"It's Not 'the Loudest and the Longest Wins': Examining Student Led Discussion"
Watch Avraham's presentation>>

Cohort 10 Class of 2012:

Mara Alpert
"Understanding 3rd Graders; Spiritual Exloprations" 

Michelle Andler
"What Do You Get When You Cross 15 Perplexed 3rd Graders & a Goal-Directed Teacher?" 

Joanne Camann
"Sculpting Discourse: The Art of CLassroom DIscussion" 

Emily Einhorn
"There's no Bone in Boner: Misconceptions in Science Class" 

Heather Greene
"Harnessing Chaos: Flexibility & Authority in Classroom Management" 

Jessica Mocle
"This I Believe: Teaching with Integrity and Authenticity"

Ethan Lobovits
"What's in a Question?" 

Tamar Rotstein
"Caring and Authority: Discovering a Teaching Stance" 

Noam Sienna
"'Give Me Havruta or Give Me Death!': Teaching Partner Work in the Jewish Studies Classroom" 

Gili Tsalik
"Teaching Hebrew to Diverse Learners: Using the Proficiency Approach" 

Janet Zucker
"Conducting My Class: Melody, Harmony, and Cacophany" 

Cohort 9 Class of 2011:

Howie Allen
“Tracking Concept Change in a 9th Grade Physics Classroom”

Linnea Bredenberg
“Giving 'Good' Directions in a First Grade Classroom”

Amy Perten
“Engaging Learners: A Case Study of Jonah”

Joseph Regen
“Promoting Effective Partner Work”

Nitzan Singer
“Wrap it Up: A Study of Transitions”
Watch Nitan's presentation

Eliza Weiss
“Friend or Authority: Can a Teacher Be Both?”

Lauren Winowich
“Making Thinking Visible: The Teacher’s Role in Discussion”

Cindy Yanofsky  
“Pick It Up: Teaching Responsibility”
Watch Cindy's presentation 

Cohort 8 Class of 2010: 

Miriam Benowitz
"Moving toward kinesthetic connections"

Robyn Esar
"A teacher's reasoning behind calling on students during math lessons"

Laliv Gal
"'HaMorah, can you please repeat that in English?' Correction and encouragement in a Hebrew-language class"
Read Laliv's Paper and Power Point Presentation.

Anne Glanz
"'I have a connection!' Teaching first graders to listen and respond to each other"
Watch Anne's presentation

Jessica Perlman
"Maintaining focus in kindergarten discussions"
Watch Jessica's presentation.

Laura Rheinheimer
"Looking out from within: Fifth grade students taking on the perspective of a character"

Adina Rosenthal
"Overcoming the language barrier: teaching science to an English Language Learner"
Watch Adina's presentation. 

Lea Winkler
"You See, but you do not observe: Focusing third graders' scientific observation making"
Read Lea's Paper and Power Point Presentation.

Cohort 7 Class of 2009:

Stephanie Cohen 
“‘If you can hear me, clap once’: Capturing and Maintaining Students' Academic Engagement in the Classroom”

Samara Hendin 
“Making the Connection: Text-to-Text and Text-to-Self Connections when Exploring Torah Text”

Julia Rose Gilbert
“What's a Teacher to Do? Calling Out During Recitation” 

Ziva Reimer 
“Making the Connection: Text-to-Text and Text-to-Self Connections when Exploring Torah Text”

Anna Solomon 
“‘We’ll talk about it later…’ The Importance of Validating Student Interruptions”

Cohort 6 Class of 2008:

Shoshana Eisenberg 
“Navigating the Playground”

Ilana Elson 
“Dilemma Moments: What’s a Teacher to Do?”

Sima Green
“Facilitating Student Participation: A Juggler’s Tale”

Rivkah Horowitz 
“Effective Facilitation of Meaningful Learning”

Sarah Kanigsberg 
“Following the Leader: How to Stop the Game”

Miriam Klausner “Creating Student Connections to T’ffilah”

Alicia Reines-Leo
“Cultivating Children’s Questions”     

Gail Rubenson 
“Teaching Religious Text: It’s ‘Judaical’”

Micaela Winton 
“Academic vs. Social: Gaining an Understanding of Abra”

Cohort 5 Class of 2007:

Brenda Dolan
“New Perspectives: Examining First Grade Poetry with Colleagues”  

Kathy Kanigsberg 
“Writing in a Young Kindergarten Class: An Investigation of Student Work”

Chavah Levine 
“Connecting to Our History in Authentic Ways”

Michelle Mandell
“From Parsha Pages to Pupil Portraits” 

Rebecca Skirball
“Strengthening Parent Teacher Partnerships: Email Communication”

Cohort 4 Class of 2006:

Nina Cusner 
“Fifth Graders Talk about God”

Ilana Glosser Wodlinger 
“Fostering Independence in a Reading Workshop”

Allison Pollack 
“Caring in the Classroom: How First Graders Show They Care”

Lee Silverberg 
“Planning and Teaching for Student Engagement”

Alexandra Teig 
“Curricular Integration: Teaching Science Infused with Jewish Values”

Cohort 3 Class of 2005:

Daniella Silver  
“How Children with Special Needs Learn Hebrew”

Suzy Klein
“Changing the ‘Weather’ in my Classroom: Improving Classroom Climate” 

Shira Loewenstein 
“Building a Middle School Community one voice at a Time”

Andrea  Schaffer 
“Kids Talk but What are They Saying?"

Yael Torbin
“Unraveling Mathematical Confusion”