Education Program

Teacher Education

Students reading children's books.
High school students receive help from a teacher during a lesson
A teacher, center, among elementary school students, reading books in a library on the floor

Teach. Make a difference every day.

Our personalized, cohort-based program is taught by instructors who model the very pedagogy and practices we strive to inspire in future K-12 teachers. At Brandeis, you will learn not merely to teach in service of social justice, but to empower students to act upon issues of equity and justice. 

The Brandeis Teacher Education Program is animated by four central themes.

Brandeis offers you a full year internship along with the option of teaching in public elementary and secondary schools. If you are interested in teaching, email us.

Teaching licensure is available to undergraduates through the teacher education minor. The BA/MAT and MAT are no longer available after 2022-23.

Undergraduate Minor

Brandeis undergraduates interested in teaching are encouraged to pursue the teacher education minor in pre-school, elementary or secondary education. Successful completion of the 8-semester program includes full-time student teaching in senior year and leads to teaching certification.

Our Themes

Like Brandeis itself, our Teacher Education Program is animated by a commitment to social justice. We have built the program on the following four themes.

“I was drawn to the MAT program largely because of its emphasis on social justice...I am confident that with a Brandeis Master of Arts in Teaching, I will learn how to work as an educator who not only teaches her students and supports them in learning, but also gives them the tools needed to ultimately escape generational cycles of poverty.”

Emma Collins

Alumni Spotlight

Elyse has always found passion in teaching. She is currently working as a high school chemistry teacher. "I like working with students as they learn and grow, kind of watching them progress over time. I think providing support to students when they're young can really help impact the rest of their lives."

She says, "I really like that I get to work with a mentor teacher as a student and kind of observe a classroom and then ramp up my participation as the year goes on."

"The highlight of the program is definitely the people that I get to work with.... I love everybody's energy.... We support each other through difficult learning experiences as we're beginning to develop ourselves as teachers and develop our identities as teachers."  - Elyse Hahn BA’20, MAT’21