Photo of Matisse's Dance, 1910

Class of 2017

Congratulations to all of our ECS students who graduated on Sunday, May 21!

Special recognition to Xinyi Du, who received the Dr. Eberhard Frey Prize for excellence in Comparative Literature and Culture, European Cultural Studies, and German Studies!

2017-2018 ECS UDR

Meet Huiyi Gu, Undergraduate Departmental Representative for European Cultural Studies for 2017-2018.


The European Cultural Studies Program (ECS) offers students the opportunity to study English and continental literature in translation in conjunction with one or more related disciplines: fine arts, history, music, philosophy, politics, sociology and theater arts.

ECS is for those students who feel intellectually adventurous, who want to explore the interrelationships of literature with various other disciplines in order to gain a broader perspective of what constitutes "culture." With the advent of an ever-changing Europe, students in ECS will be better prepared, in all areas, to keep abreast with current and future events.

Many of our students spend some time abroad to get a feel for the cultures in which they are most interested. ECS majors have gone on to graduate school (in history, politics, English and other fields), law school, business school and advanced programs in international studies.