The ECS faculty, drawn from the spectrum of disciplines in the liberal arts, has come to the program in the spirit of Brandeis’ commitment to connected learning: the idea that the various disciplines are linked together to form a larger whole.

Please note that ECS students are not limited to courses taught by committee members.

Committee Members

*Affiliated faculty (contributing to the curriculum, advising and administration of the department or program)

Stephen Dowden
Stephen Dowden
Chair and Undergraduate Advising Head
Professor of German
781-736-3218 Shiffman Humanities Center 211

Expertise: Modern German literature and culture; European modernism; comparative literature (esp. comparing literature with other art forms); the novel as form; literature and philosophy; the avant-garde 

John Burt
John Burt
Paul Prosswimmer Professor of American Literature
781-736-2158 Rabb Graduate Center 141

Expertise: American literature, romanticism, composition, philosophy of education, literature of the American South, literature of the Civil War, poetr

Jytte Klausen
Jytte Klausen
Lawrence A. Wien Professor of International Cooperation
781-736-2762 Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 110

Expertise: Domestic and international terrorism. Islam in the West. Immigration and social cohesion.

Robin Feuer Miller
Robin Feuer Miller*
Edytha Macy Gross Professor of Humanities
781-736-3192 Shiffman Humanities Center 215

Expertise: The novel in Russia and Europe of the 19th century. The short story in Russia. The literature of childhood and children's literature.

Michael Randall
Michael Randall*
Professor of French and Comparative Literature
781-736-3204 Shiffman Humanities Center 205

Expertise: Late medieval and Renaissance poetry, prose and philosophy. Italian and comparative literature. Modern politics and literature, detective novels

Palle Yourgrau
Palle Yourgrau
Harry A. Wolfson Professor of Philosophy
781-736-2782 Rabb Graduate Center 332

Expertise: Philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of space and time, Simone Weil, Plato, Aristotle

Eugene Sheppard
Eugene Sheppard
Associate Professor of Modern Jewish History and Thought
781-736-2965 Lown Center for Judaica Studies 307

Expertise: Modern Jewish history and thought

Govind Sreenivasan
Govind Sreenivasan
Associate Professor of History
781-736-2277 Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 117

Expertise: Early modern European history, especially Germany, world history

a photo of William Flesch
William Flesch
Professor of English
Undergraduate Advising Head
781-736-2142 Rabb Graduate Center 139

Expertise: Poetry, including poetic form, renaissance. romanticism. theory. literature and philosophy. Film, behavioral economics, cognitive studies, Shakespeare, psychology of literature, evolutionary psychology.

Laura Quinney
Laura Quinney
Professor of English
781-736-2144 Rabb Graduate Center 131

Expertise: Romanticism, poetry, literature and philosophy: subjectivity and self-conflict

Emily Frey headshot
Emily Frey
Assistant Professor of Music
781-736-3321 Slosberg Music Center, 216

Expertise: Music of the "long" 19th century; Russian music, literature, and cultural history; history of opera; music and literature; music, politics, and law; Romanticism and realism; voice studies; music criticism; operatic acting.


Nancy Scott
Nancy Scott
Professor Emerita of Fine Arts
781-736-2664 Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 210

Expertise: Art history. Modernism in Europe and America. Painting and sculpture from the French Revolution to mid-20th century.