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Academic Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
2013-2014 Fall 2013 Spring 2014
2012-2013 Fall 2012 Spring 2013
2011-2012 Fall 2011 Spring 2012
2010-2011 Fall 2010 Spring 2011
2009-10 Fall 2009 Spring 2010
2008-09 Fall 2008 Spring 2009


Group I: Social Science/Humanities

AMST 30b American Environmental History

Every 2nd Year; S13

AMST 102a Environment, Social Justice and the Role of Women
AMST 102aj Environment, Social Justice and Empowerment (JBS) JBS; F11
AMST 103a Environmental issues
AMST 104b Boston and Its Suburbs: Environment and History Every 2nd year; F10
AMST 104bj Boston and Its Suburbs: Environment and History JBS; F12
AMST 105a The Eastern Forest: Paleoecology to Policy Every 2nd year; S10
AMST 106b Food and Farming in America Every 2nd year; F10
AMST 191b Greening the Ivory Tower: Improving Environmental Sustainability of Brandeis and Community (PDF) Every Fall
ANTH 55a Anthropology of Development Every 2nd year; F12
Environmental Anthropology of the Middle East:
Israel, Oman, and Beyond 
One Time Offer; S13
Nature, Culture, Power Every 2nd year; S13
ECON 57a Environmental Economics Every Spring
ECON 175a Introduction to the Economics of Development Usually every Fall; F11
ENG 28a Nature Writing Every 4th year; F12
ENVS 2a Fundamentals of Environmental Challenges Every Fall
ENVS 18b International Environmental Conflict and Collaboration Every 2nd year; S13
ENVS 102aj Field Research and Study Methods: Environmental Health (JBS) JBS; F11
Sustainability in the Suburbs JBS; F12
FYS 43b Visions of the American Environment, Images to Action Justbooks program; S13
GECS 188b Human/Nature: European Perspectives on Climate Change Every 2nd year; S12
HIST 100a Fire and Ice: An Ecological Approach to World History (has not been taught in recent years)
HS 263f Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
HS 297f Applied Geographic Information Systems
LGLS 132b Environmental Law and Policy Usually every 2nd year; F09
PHIL 21a Environmental Ethics Every 2nd year; S13
POL 180b Sustaining Development
SOC 175b Environmental Movements: Organizations, Networks and Partnerships Every Fall
SOC 193a Environment, Health and Society Every Spring

Group II: Natural Sciences

Courses With Few or No Prerequisites
AMST105a Eastern Forest: Paleoecology to Policy
BISC 6b Environmental Health
BISC 6bj Environmental Health (JBS) JBS; F11
BIOL 17b Conservation Biology Every Spring
BIOL 23a Ecology Every Fall
BIOL 32aj Field Biology JBS; F12
BIOL 50b Animal Behavior Every 2nd year; S13
CHSC 3b Solving Environmental Challenges: The Role of Chemistry Every 2nd year; F12

Understanding the Chemistry of Sustainability

Every 2nd year; S13
ENVS 10a Energy from the Big Bang to Global Warming Every Fall
ENVS 15a Reason to Hope: Managing the Global Commons for Peace Every Spring
ENVS 17b Global Warming and Nuclear Winter
ENVS 19a Climate Change and Conservation  
ENVS 100EJ GIS and Field Methods: The New England Landscape JBS; F12
ENVS 102aj Field Research and Study Methods: Environmental Health (JBS)
Courses With Multiple Prerequisites
BIOL 32a Field Biology Every Fall
BIOL 60b Evolution Every Fall
BIOL 134b Topics in Ecology Usually every Spring; S12
BIOL 159a Project Lab in Microbiology Usually every Spring; S14
CHEM 33a Environmental Chemistry Every Spring
ENVS 28a Wetlands: Ecology, Hydrology, Restoration