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Requirements for the Major

Thirteen courses are required for the major.

Core Courses

The New Major Requirements:

Students pursuing the major in environmental studies must successfully complete thirteen courses that allow for breadth, depth, integration, hands-on learning and practical skills.  Requirements:

1) "Fundamentals of Environmental Challenges": ENVS 2a

2) One GIS course:  Two half-semester modules offered in Heller school, HS297f, HS263f or HS292f, see list

  • ENVS100e (offered only as part of Environmental Field Semester)

3) One Capstone: Environmental Internship: ENVS89a

 (At least one Environmental Internship is strongly recommended.)

  • ENVS 97a Senior Essay,
  • ENVS 99a Senior Research, or
  • ENVS 99b Senior Thesis

4) Four courses from the Environmental Social Sciences/Humanities Group electives, see list

5) Four courses from the Environmental Natural Sciences Group electives, see list

6) Two additional courses: any electives from either Social Sciences/Humanities or Natural Sciences Groups

 Total :  13 Courses

Note: These requirements are new as of Fall 2010. Students who are already majors may continue with their programs as planned under the prior requirements or take advantage of these new requirements, which are more flexible. ENVS2a Fundamentals of Environmental Challenges has replaced the AMST20a Environmental Issues course; students who have already taken AMST20a do not have to take the new course.

Requirements for the Minor

  • ENVS 2a "Fundamentals of Environmental Challenges"
  • ENVS 89a (Environmental Internship) or ENVS 97a  (Senior Essay) or an approved Honors Thesis (ENVS 99a and b). The environmental Internship is strongly recommended
  • Two electives from the Social Sciences/Humanities Group
  • Two electives from the Natural Sciences Group