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In Fall 2014 Hebrew Program welcomes new Director - Professor Ari Ofengenden

You can now watch Israeli TV on your computer via IPTV (click Tune In at the top of the page).

Listen to the Hebrew program radio show Shalom Brandeis every Thursday at 1pm.

Shalom Brandeis is a weekly Hebrew radio show in Hebrew on the Brandeis University's WBRS 100.1 FM in Waltham, MA, and on the internet.


The Hebrew Language and Literature Program enables students to function in the Hebrew language at all levels and in all skills. In terms of both the means and the goal of the program, a special emphasis is given to the personal needs of each student. For this reason we developed a multi-track curriculum that allows students in different levels to select those courses which best interest them, fit their abilities, and correspond to their needs. Students may choose courses that emphasize specific skills, such as reading, writing, speaking or grammar, or courses that are based on content, such as literature, film and theater.

In addition, the program recognizes the needs of the greater community of Hebrew learners in America by providing instruction and guidance on various issues of Hebrew language acquisition. The program offers a Hebrew seminar each summer which enables learners from various backgrounds to benefit from the unique resources of Brandeis. We also offer an opportunity to receive training in Hebrew teaching as part of our Teacher's Certificate Program.