About the Minor

Requirements for the Minor

A. Core course: IMES 104a (Islam: Civilization and Institutions).

B. One course pertaining to the classical period, such as: NEJS 3a, 140a, 144a, 185a, 186a, 186b, 188a, 188b, 190b, 194b, 195a, 195b, 197a.

C. One course pertaining to the modern period, such as: ANTH 120b, 122b, 141a, ECON 122b, FA/NEJS 183a, HIST 111a, 112a, 114a, IMES 105a, NEJS 141b, 145a, 145b, 177a, 185b, 197b, POL 128a, 133a, 135b, 136b, 143b, 162b, 164a, 166b.

D. Three additional courses from the list* of electives above, including up to two consecutive semesters of a Middle Eastern language** beginning with either ARBC 10a or HBRW 10a (or 19a) or at a higher level if determined by placement. Language courses are no longer required for the minor.

E. No course with a final grade below C- can count toward fulfilling the minor requirements in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.

F. No course taken pass/fail may count toward the minor requirements.

*This is not a definitive list of courses, as new courses are cross-listed every semester. Please refer to the Registrar's schedule of classes for IMES offerings.

**Arabic and Hebrew are offered at Brandeis. Students interested in taking another Middle Eastern language are encouraged to explore opportunities at universities that are part of the New England Consortium.