Your Brandeis journey starts here.

Applying to Brandeis is about much more than transcripts and test scores. Our admissions process helps us to get to know you not just as students, but as individuals and members of your communities.

When it comes to evaluating applications, we balance attention to detail with a focus on the big picture. We'll consider both your academic performance and your life outside the classroom. We want to get a true feel for who you are — what matters to you, how you spend your time and how you engage with your family, your team, your workplace or your spiritual communities. These parts of your life tell us more than any test score or report card about the kind of person you are, and what you’ll bring to the Brandeis community.

We'd love for you to get to know what Brandeis is all about, and to join us for a visit. And we're here to answer your questions, whatever they might be.

The road to college is long and winding, but the right destination makes it all worthwhile. We can't wait to see you when you get here. 

How to Apply

Students applying to Brandeis must submit the Common Application. See our application process for more information.