Official course listings can be found on the Registrar's Web site for this semester.

Core Courses 

JOUR 15a: Writing News for Broadcast and the Internet
AMST 137b: Journalism in Twentieth-Century America
JOUR 120a: The Culture of Journalism
JOUR 138b: The Contemporary World in Print


JOUR110b: Ethics in Journalism

Internships and Independent Studies

JOUR 89a: Contemporary Media: Internship and Analysis
JOUR 98a/98b: Independent Study

Elective Courses: Contemporary Affairs and the Media

AAAS 117a: Communications and Social Change in Developing Nations
AMST 103b: Advertising and the Media
AMST 132b:  International Affairs and the American Media
AMST 134b:  The New Media in American
AMST 139b:  Race and Gender in the News and Newsroom
AMST 144b:  Signs of Imagination:  Gender and Race in Mass Media
JOUR 104a: Political Packaging in America
JOUR 107b: Media and Public Policy
JOUR 109b: Digital and Multimedia Journalism
JOUR 112b: Literary Journalism: The Art of Feature Writing
JOUR 114b: Arts Journalism
JOUR 130b: Science and Journalism in Society

Elective Courses: Politics, Law, Ethics

POL 110a: Media Politics and Society
POL 115a: Constitutional Law
POL 115b:  Seminar:  Constitutional Law and Theory
POL 116b: Civil Liberties in America

Elective Courses: Analytical and Research Methods

AMST 191b: Greening the Ivory Tower:  Improving Environmental Sustainability of Brandeis and Community
LGLS 140b:  Investigating Justice
SOC 181a: Methods of Social Inquiry

Elective Courses: History, Principles and Practice

AMST 130b: Television in America
AMST 131b: News on Screen
AMST 133a:  The History of Media
AMST 135b:  Radio in American Culture
ENG 17a:  Alternative and Underground Journalism
ENG 60a:  Documentary Prose and Film
JOUR 112b: Literary Journalism: The Art of Feature Writing
JOUR 113aj:  Magazine Reporting:  Long-Form Journalism
JOUR 145a:  Opinion Writing

Elective Courses: Communications Theory

ANTH 26a: Communication and Media: Politics, Law and Ethics
SOC 120b:  Globalization and the Media
SOC 146a: Mass Communication Theory