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Brandeis journalism students speak with guest Margaret Talbot.

Journalism Program students speak with Margaret Talbot, award-winning staff writer for The New Yorker, at the Abortion: Past, Present & Future event reception. Photo by Jack Yuanwei Cheng.

Margaret Talbot and Joshua Prager sit at a table.

Two of the nation's top journalists on the history of the abortion legal battle, Margaret Talbot and Joshua Prager, discuss what the road ahead looks like. Photo by Jack Yuanwei Cheng.

A crowd of students waits for the abortion forum to start.

A crowd of students await the start of Abortion: Past, Present & Future, an event moderated by Professors Neil Swidey and Ann Silvio of the Journalism Program. Photo by Jack Yuanwei Cheng.

Current Events

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Featured Events

Featured Events are talks in the Journalism Program’s continuing speaker series. We’re committed to bringing important newsmakers to Brandeis to examine the role that journalism can play to address pressing societal issues. In our courses, students learn how the primary goal of journalism is illumination, to help open people’s eyes through high-impact storytelling.

  • Fall '22: Margaret Talbot, award winning staff writer for The New Yorker, and Joshua Prager, author of Pulitzer Prize-finalist book The Family Roe: Abortion: Past, Present & Future
  • Spring ’22: Gina McCarthy, the White House Climate Czar: How to Talk Effectively about Climate Change
  • Fall ’21: The Boston Globe Blind Spot Team: Investigating Innovation for High Impact Journalism
  • Spring ’21: Drs. Fauci, Gwande and Rosenthal: Science Journalism and the Pandemic

Past Events

Past Events took place as Brandeis community events and/or parts of Journalism classes. Some video recordings are available, as well as write-ups in our Journalism Newsletters.