The following is a list of members of the Brandeis community who are affiliated with the Journalism Program. Every semester we also employ visiting professors who are news, radio and television professionals.

Name Affiliated Department Degree Held
Jacob Cohen American Studies M.A., Yale
Thomas Doherty American Studies Ph.D., Iowa
Mari Fitzduff Coexistence and Conflict Ph.D., New University, Ulster
Maura Jane Farrelly,
Program Director
American Studies Ph.D., Emory
Ben Gomes-Casseres Economics D.B.A., Harvard
Tim Hickey Computer Science Ph.D., Chicago
Janet McIntosh Anthropology Ph.D., Michigan
Eileen McNamara Journalism M.S., Columbia
Laura Miller Sociology Ph.D., California-San Diego
Stephen Whitfield
American Studies Ph.D., Brandeis

Peter May  Lecturer in Journalism, Fall 2012

M.A., University of Missouri, Columbia