Degree Requirements

Students wishing to earn a minor in Renaissance and Medieval studies must complete :

  1. HIST 110b ("The Civilization of the High and Late Middle Ages") or HIST 123a ("The Renaissance")
  2. University language requirement in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Latin, Greek, Russian, Arabic or Hebrew
  3. Three other courses from the program's elective listing, each chosen from different fields.
  4. One of the following capstone options:
  • The completion of an independent study on a medieval or Renaissance topic (MEVL 98a or b) with one or more members of the program faculty
  • A senior thesis in the student’s major, with an emphasis on some aspect of medieval or Renaissance studies, read by at least two faculty members in the program
  • MEVL colloquium. These are medieval and Renaissance program electives that are either (a) seminar classes with a research paper, or (b) taught in a foreign language and/or use predominantly original foreign language texts