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Karpf & Hahn Peace Award Recipients

Name Project Summary Year
Brandeis Bridges

Through the student leadership fellowship, members will embark on a ten-day trip over February break to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The fellowship allows students to build deep and meaningful conversations with one another over issues of race and identity.

Gilberto Rosa

Gliberto is traveling to La Vega, Bonao, Santo Domingo, and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic to photograph communities and visually show the effects that colonialism had in those regions. These images will eventually become a photo book of the current issues affecting Caribbean countries as a result of colonialism.

Global Brigades

Global Brigades will be funding resources for a children's library in Honduras to help teach topics such as the value of investments, the reciprocal nature of helping community members, and common responsibilities in order to take control of their economic future.

Jessica Star

Jessica’s project will be an ensemble production of six to eight students that highlights the personal and social costs of non-violent protest, with the intention of performing this piece for the Brandeis community.

Marcelo Brociner Marcelo will curate an exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam to showcase between sixteen and eighteen of the paintings and posters that his grandfather Rene Mederos created during his two visits to Vietnam.  He is also featuring a number of contemporary Vietnamese artists whose works will be showcased at the exhibition. 2016-2017
Matt Hoisch Matt will be attending the Sustainable Water Management Conference and will then use his experience as inspiration to curate the Second Annual Climate Change Art Exhibition, an event bringing together student artists of diverse artistic mediums to create pieces reflecting on climate change and its impact. 2016-2017
Anni Long

Partnering with Media Monitor for Women Network in Beijing, China to initiate a series of inspiring feminist lecture-forum events. Project Update.

Brandeis Bridges The group traveled to Ghana to enhance discussions regarding the topics of identity and peoplehood from non-western approach. Project Update. 2015-2016
Brontë Velez Creating a video art work that embodies Alice Walker's story "The Flowers" serving as an elegy to the remnants of slavery. Project Update. 2015-2016
Leah Susman Working with the Brandeis Al-Quds Student Dialogue Initiative to bring a group of 7 students and faculty members from Al-Quds (a Palestinian University in East Jerusalem) to Brandeis for a week. Project Update. 2015-2016
Linda Phiri

Creating an online magazine publication that provides a space where the voices of refugees can be heard. Project Update.

Alina Pokhrel

Creating a documentary that captures the peaceful and creative ways in which the citizens of Kathmandu are forming alliances to advocate for green spaces and alternate forms of transportation.

Lorelei Vener

Assisting with hosting a series of educational workshops at the Upega learning center, and to record the ethnographic experience of technological learning centers in Tiapapata, Samoa in the form of a documentary film.

Ngobitak Ndiwane

Educating on the prevalence and treatment of mental illness in Hagley Gap, Jamaica, in collaboration with Blue Mountain Project, a grassroots NGO.

Rohan Naraynan

Rohan will be staging a series of performances (combined with some experimental film elements) of his slam poetry pieces which tackle subjects like structural violence, stereotypes, and societal injustice. His performance will take place in Chum’s in the Spring semester.

Sara Taylor

Conducting a study of folk cultures of the pastoral and semi agricultural communities of Challakere Amrit Mahal Kaval, Chitradurga (India).

Selene Campion Encouraging interfaith dialogue with discussion groups and elementary schools in Paris 2013-2014
Tomi Jaiyesimi Conducting an oral hygiene education program in South Africa 2013-2014
Jennifer Largaespada Co-running a camp at a community theater in Hialeah, FL 2013-2014
Iosefa Percival Making technology accessible for village communities in Samoa 2013-2014
So Hyun Shin Working on a peace building theater project with North Korean refugees in South Korea 2013-2014
Abie Troen Returning to Kenya to hold a screening of short documentary films that he is creating for Kenyan street vendor's alliance 2013-2014
Shota Adamia Photographic and first-hand perspective with the locals regarding the ties and disputes of Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the UK  2012-2013
Natan Odenheimer Conducting 5 informal, non-affiliated meetings of teams in special units in the Israeli army and a young Arab-Israeli leader 2012-2013
Sarah Van Buren Implementation of a domestic violence module in an existing midwife education program for community based health workers from rural regions of Timor Leste. 2012-2013
Jessye Kass Working on an NGO in Ghana, which provides free therapeutic art programs to children living in poverty, or with special needs or who have been victims of sexual abuse 2011-2012
Irfan Amali Teaching Muslim Children in the Waltham and Brighton area the 12 values of peace and tolerance using a creative module 2011-2012
McKenzie Strobach Applicant was chosen by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to attend the Practicum in Advocacy at te United Nations Headquarters in New York 2011-2012
Renana Gal Working with The Women's Equity in Access to Care and Treatment American-Rwandan Organization in order to use theater as a tool that can help the young Rwandan generation to process their national trauma 2011-2012
Noam Shouster Building a year-long youth initiative for young HIV+ women and children in Rwanda 2010-2011
Claire Cooper and Anna Khandros Creating a partnership between and after school program in Shatila Refugee Camp in Beirut, Lebanon and students at Brandeis University 2010-2011
Ashraf Hussein Speaking appearance at a New York synagogue 2010-2011
Noam Shouster Building a year-long youth initiative for young HIV+ women and children in Rwanda 2009-2010
Nicole Fox Travel with the Global Youth Connect human rights delegation to Rwanda 2009-2010
Marnina Cowan Establishing "Musika Rox," a cross cultural performance group at Brandeis, commited to a non-violent end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 2009-2010
Becky Sniderman Travel to Mississippi to participate in a meeting of the Mississippi Truth Project and conduct research related to senior thesis 2009-2010
Kathleen Rees Organizing an art workshop for low-income women who are a part of the Waltham School 2009-2010

Davis Peace Prize Recipients

Name Project Summary Year

Jonathan Goldman and Victoria St. Jean

The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII): A New Home

Brontë Velez Sula Semilla: Reforestation & Indigenous Knowledge 2016
Kira Levin Empowering Maasai Women Through Computer Literacy and Education 2015
Noah Litwer Cultivating Trust Through Partnership: Prospect Hill Community Gardens Initiative 2015
Abie Troen A Call for Dignity: Ending Manual Scavenging 2014
Andrea Verdeja A Call for Dignity: Ending Manual Scavenging 2014
Mangaliso Mohammed Back to Basics: Food for Healing HIV 2012-2013
Ardak Meterkulova HIV/AIDS Education in Kazakhstan 2012-2013
Kayla Dinces and Lena Morrison Engaging Hand and Minds: Empowerment through Peer Education in Zimbabwe 2011-2012
Noam Shouster Helping HIV+ women and children in Rwanda 2010-2011
Ned Crowley and Jonah Cohen Producing a Documentary Film about Costa Rican Culture of Peace 2009-2010
Shaina Gilbert Empowering through Education Camp in Haiti 2009-2010

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