Ari Hahn Peace Awards

The Ari Hahn Peace Awards are given annually to people who wish to work toward coexistence and peaceful ways of addressing and resolving conflicts of many sorts. The awards are meant to enhance peace culture as it evolves in our society and elsewhere in the world.

Applications must be in one of these three categories:

Art works and essays on peace. Works of art related to peace include those that reveal the costs of violence, the commitment to non-violent struggle, and artistic expressions of any aspect of conflict and peace culture. These submissions might take the form of poetry (a substantial poem or group of poems), a play or scene or short story related to peace; slides of visual art; cassettes or CDs of music; or other forms of documentation appropriate to the work. This category covers already completed works of art. Essays of 20-30 pages are included in this category of submission.

Travel grants for participation in a peace project or conference in this country or elsewhere. This designation is for people with a demonstrated record of serious peace activism.

Seed money for peace-related projects. For applicants who design and organize a project such as a community mediation service at Brandeis or in a nearby community, or a peace education project in local public or religious schools, or a dialogue group on or off campus. It is also available for peace promoting projects elsewhere.

PAX is usually faced with more outstanding applications than it can fund. Through the Ari Hahn Peace Awards, the program will be able to select more applicants, and offer larger grants consonant with the projects offered.

Here are examples of some of the proposals granted in past years for peace awards:

  • Creation of a Turkish/Armenian dialogue group at Brandeis, to bring together students from those communities when they are in the U.S. and give them a chance to discuss the sensitive issues of Turkish/Armenian relations in a safe, academic environment.
  • Conducting leadership building workshops, open to all community members at Brandeis. It is designed to equip participants with skills for resolving conflict and setting up conflict resolution institutions in their various countries, if they are international students.
  • Creation of a primer for college students hoping to do good abroad in internships, study programs, or on their own.
  • Investigating creative methods and approaches of students active in a national organization working to alleviate and raise awareness about the crisis in Darfur.
  • Investigation of corporate practices that might be amenable to change in developing regions of the world where child soldiers and ex-child soldiers create huge problems in their societies.
  • Volunteer work with the Center for World Solidarity in Orissa, India, which works to further the cause of sustainable development and for the rights and empowerment of women and minorities in India. The volunteer was there to teach English and sexual health practices to rural women in Orissa state and learn about and contribute to sustainable development projects there.

The Ari Hahn Peace Awards would allow PAX to fund more, and more fully, the excellent work proposed by students who apply for the awards.


Applications are due October 28, 2015.

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