Recent Graduates

Sam Vaghar '08 meeting President Obama
Sam Vaghar '08 meeting President Barrack Obama.
Lindsay Mitnik
Lindsay Mitnik '16
Major: Anthropology
Minor: SJSP, PAX

I currently work for the Student PIRGS. My Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence courses taught me the importance of empowerment and the need for movements of positive and peaceful social change. That is why I currently work with the Student PIRGs, an organization that works with college students to empower and train them to run social change campaigns across the country. This job allows me to be a part of something greater than myself, while also actively taking part in shaping the world into a more just and peaceful place.

Shelby Magid
Shelby Magid '15
Major: IGS
Minor: Legal Studies, PAX

As for the effects of PAX courses my involvement with the program, I believe what is most prominent for me is that I try to always remember the lesson that peace and love are harder than hate and violence. That understanding inspired my focus on peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction. Additionally, PAX taught me that every situation has a variety of complex, differing perspectives that must be heard and understood. These notions and understandings relate to everything in my life - my personal interactions, my reactions to politics and world events, and my post-graduate studies. I went on to study international relations in grad school, where I focused my research on reconciliation in Bosnia and the Balkans following the breakup of Yugoslavia and the violence that occurred there. I believe my PAX background helped me approach the topic with a sensitivity and an ability to not demonize or dehumanize violent perpetrators, and pushed me to provide a more balanced perspective than I may have otherwise. Being taught the skill of compassionate or active listening during my time with PAX has greatly helped me defuse situations of conflict and work through crises. I even gave a presentation in an international law class in grad school on the idea of compassionate listening and how it can complement law and mediation! It is hard to limit myself to saying how PAX has influenced me, because it is still a huge part of me as I go forward, and most likely affects me more than I even realize.

Anna Khandros

Anna Khandros '11
Major: Politics
Minor: Legal Studies, PAX

I graduated from Brandeis over six years ago but still appreciate the lessons I learned in my PAX courses, which challenged me to think about current events from a different perspective. I was a Politics major and the PAX curriculum allowed me to have more of an international relations focus, and to focus in on the issues I cared about most.



Sam Vaghar

Sam Vaghar '08
Major: IGS
Minor: PAX

I co-founded Millennium Campus Network, or MCN for short, in our Brandeis dorm rooms.  MCN is a global student networking helping to solve humanity's greatest challenges - including poverty and structural violence.  We have worked with over 5,500 undergraduates from 300 universities across the globe so far - and are cultivating a generation of ethical, collaborative leaders. More at  It was PAX that gave me the intellectual grounding to understand how I felt about injustice - it directly led to me taking on this work.  And Prof Gordie Fellman taught me about the power of mentorship- about showing young people you are invested in their growth - something I try to do with every student I meet as well. Thank you for changing my life.


Forsan Hussein '00

Forsan is the CEO of the Jerusalem YMCA and a passionate advocate for peace and understanding.