Academic Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
2015-2016 Fall 2015 Spring 2016
2014-2015 Fall 2014 Spring 2015
2013-2014 Fall 2013 Spring 2014
2012-2013 Fall 2012 Spring 2013
2011-2012 Fall 2011 Spring 2012
2010-2011 Fall 2010
Spring 2011
2009-2010 Fall 2009 Spring 2010
2008-2009 Fall 2008 Spring 2009

Core Course
Spring 2016 only: SOC 155b will not be offered.  To satisfy the SJSP core requirement, an SJSP approved elective taken in spring 2016 may be used to fulfill the core class requirement (faculty advisor approval required). Minors are still required to complete four elective courses in addition to the core requirement.

SOC 155b Protest, Politics, and Change: Social Movements Every 2nd year; C, E
Research Internship
SJSP 89a Social Justice, Social Policy Internship Every fall; X3
SJSP 103b Introduction to Social Policy: Frameworks and Analysis Every 2nd year; J
SOC 182a Applied Research Methods Every 2nd year; H, N
WMGS 89a When Violence Hits Home:
Internship in Domestic Violence
Every fall; S4
LGLS 161b Advocacy for Policy Chance Every spring; H
The following courses are approved for the program. Not all are given in any one year.
Please consult the schedule of classes each semester.
Foundational Frameworks
AAAS 158a Theories of Development and Underdevelopment Every 2nd year; X2
AMST 187a The Legal Boundaries of Public and Private Life Every 2nd year; CA
BUS 10a Functions of the Capitalist Enterprise Every semester; K, V, B
HS 110a Wealth and Poverty Every year; J
LGLS 121b Law and Social Welfare: Citizen Rights and Government Responsibilities Every 2nd year; H
LGLS 130a Conflict Analysis and Intervention Every 2nd year; X
PHIL 13b The Idea of the Market: Economic Philosophies Every 2nd year; K
PHIL 20a Social and Political Philosophy: Democracy and Disobedience Every 2nd year; M
PHIL 111a What Is Justice? Every 2nd year; L
PHIL 126a Global Citizenship
POL 10a Introduction to Political Theory Every year; J
POL 15a Introduction to International Relations Every semester; H
SOC 111a Political Sociology Every year; K
SOC 193a Environment, Health, and Society Every 2nd year; K
Dynamics of Discrimination and Inequality
AAAS 82a Urban Politics Every year; H
AAAS 114b Race, Ethnicity, and Electoral Politics in the United States
AAAS 118b Race, Prisons, and Social Justice One time offering, fall 2015
AMST 102a Women, the Environment, and Social Justice
ANTH 156a Power and Violence: The Anthropology of Political Systems
ENG 130a Representing Poverty Offered every 3rd year
LGLS 120a Sex Discrimination and the Law
NEJS 152b Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitism, and Anti-Zionism
SOC 1a Order and Change in Society
SOC 105a Feminist Critiques of Sexuality and Work in America
SOC 112b Social Class and Social Change
SOC 138b Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender Approved Spring '16
Offered every 3rd year
SOC 147a Organizations and Social Change
WMGS 5a Women and Gender in Culture and Society
Historical and Comparative Perspectives on Social Justice
AAAS 80a Economy and Society in Africa
Protest Through Song: Music that Shaped America
AMST 104b Boston and Its Suburbs: Environment and History
AMST 125a History of United States Feminisms
AMST 185b The Culture of the Cold War
AMST 188b Justice Brandeis and Progressive Jurisprudence
ANTH 156b Activism, Resistance, and Change: Global Perspectives Special Offering Spring 2016
ENG 68a The Political Novel
COML/HOI 103a Crime and Punishment: Justice and Criminality from Plato to Serial
GECS 160a In the Shadow of the Holocaust: Global Encounters
HIST 181b Red Flags/Black Flags: Marxism vs. Anarchism, 1845-1968
POL 158b Comparative Perspectives on the Law and Politics of Group Rights
RECS 149b The Rise and Fall of Russian Modernism: Cultural and Political Revolutions, 1900-1934
WMGS 105b Feminist Theories in Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspective
Diversity and Difference: Culture and Practice
AAAS 125b Caribbean Women and Globalization: Sexuality, Citizenship, Work
AMST 118a Gender and the Professions
ANTH 144a The Anthropology of Gender
BISC 7a The Biology and Culture of Deafness
COML 130a Poetic Voices of Protest
COML 165a Reading, Writing, and Teaching across Cultures
ECON 69a The Economics of Race and Gender
ED 158b Looking with the Learner: Practice and Inquiry
ENG 151a Queer Studies
HISP 160a Culture and Social Change in Latin America
HIST 171b Latino/a History
HSSP 192b Sociology of Disability
PHIL 108a Philosophy and Gender
Social Justice in Action: Policy Approaches to Social Problems
AMST 55a Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in American Culture Every year, P
AMST 169a Ethnicity, Immigration, and Race in the United States
AMST 191b Greening the Ivory Tower: Improving Environmental Sustainability of Brandeis and Community
ANTH 142a AIDS: Science, Society, and Policy
BIOL 17b Conservation Biology
ECON 57a Environmental Economics
ED 155b Education and Social Policy
ED 170a Critical Perspectives in Urban Education
ENVS 15a Reason to Hope: Managing the Global Commons for Peace
ENVS 18b International Environmental Conflict and Collaboration
HS 104b American Health Care
HS 120a Race and the Law
HS 124a Dilemmas of Long-Term Care
HS 143a Social Justice and Philanthropy Every year, X2
LGLS 124b International Law and Development
LGLS 132b Environmental Law and Policy
POL 108a Social Movements in American Politics
POL 158b Comparative Perspectives on the Law and Politics of Group Rights
SOC 175b Environmental Organizations, Networks, and Partnerships
SOC 176a Nature, Nurture, and Public Policy