Requirements for the Minor

A. A core course: SOC 155b (Social Movements and the Political Process). This course is strongly recommended as an introduction to the program, and normally should be taken within the first two years of study. However, the core course is not a formal prerequisite for other courses in the program.

B. Students must complete any four elective courses from those listed below. Electives are grouped into topical fields, but students may choose courses from any group. No more than two electives from the Heller School or from any single department may be counted toward program requirements, except for the foundation course.

C. SJSP in action: Either (1) an internship approved by the SJSP internship director and the successful completion of the related SJSP 89a seminar, which is usually offered in the fall semester; or (2) successful completion of SJSP 103b (Introduction to Social Policy: Frameworks and Analysis), LGLS 161b (Advocacy for Policy Change), IGS/LGLS 92b as part of the Hague Spring Program, IGS/LGLS 185b as part of The Hague Summer Program, SOC 89a (Internships for Community Action and Social Change), SOC 182a (Applied Research Methods), or WMGS 89a (When Violence Hits Home). Internships undertaken for other majors or minors and not also paired with SJSP 89a will not fulfill this requirement. For option (1) above, the internship experience and the internship seminar combined count as one academic course.

D. No course taken pass/fail may count toward the program requirements.

E. No grade below a C- will be given credit toward the minor.

Please Note

No more than two courses may be double-counted for this minor and for any particular major.

A passing letter grade must be obtained in each course taken for the program. Pass/fail grading option is not allowed for courses taken toward the minor. Students must achieve a GPA of at least 2.00 in all courses for the program.