Books by South Asian Studies Faculty

Urban Navigations

Realism in the Twentieth-Century Indian Novel

A History of the Indian Novel in English

Everyday Life in South Asia

Aging and the Indian Diaspora

White Saris and Sweet Mangoes

The Rani of Jhansi


Harleen Singh

Harleen Singh, Chair & Undergraduate Advising Head
Associate Professor of Literature and Women's and Gender Studies
(781) 736-8485
Office: Mandel 114
On leave Spring 2015.

Ulka Anjaria

Ulka Anjaria
Associate Professor of English
(781) 736-2162
Office: Rabb 239

Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria

Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
(781) 736-2221
Office: Brown 209

David Engerman

David Engerman
Professor of History
(781) 736-2281
Office: Olin-Sang 119

Talinn Grigor

Talinn Grigor
Associate Professor of Fine Arts
(781) 736-8552
Office: Mandel 207

Sarah Lamb

Sarah Lamb
Professor of Anthropology
(781) 736-2211
Office: Brown 208

Brandeis Shield

Nidhiya Menon
Associate Professor of Economics
(781) 736-2230
Office: Sachar 202

Govind Sreenivasan

Govind Sreenivasan
Associate Professor of History
(781) 736-2277
Office: Olin-Sang 117

Renu Tewarie

Renu Tewarie
Lecturer in Hindi
(781) 736-5240
Office: Mandel Pod 125