Apply for a Brandeis-India Fellowship

The Brandeis-India Fellows Program is currently accepting applications for summer 2017 and academic year 2017-2018 funding.

Download the Application Packet.

Applications are due by Friday, March 31, 2017. Applications can be emailed to, mailed to MS 024 (Attn: Alyssa Ring), or submitted in person to Alyssa Ring in Shiffman 116.

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About the Brandeis-India Fellows Program

The Brandeis-India Fellows Program offers limited funding to conduct research or volunteer with a local organization in India. We are especially interested in proposals that can build ties between Brandeis University and Indian alumni, partners, and organizations. Awards generally range from $500 to $2,000.

Full-time Brandeis undergraduate or graduate students in all majors/programs are eligible to apply as part of the following activities:

  • An internship, volunteer, study, or service program of more than three weeks
  • A semester-length, summer, or year-long study abroad program
  • A research fellowship or project

Students must provide a letter of commitment from the organization/program they will be working with, or other proof that they have applied for a program (such as a study abroad program), with their Brandeis-India Fellows application. Funding is contingent upon acceptance/invitation into the program or organization.

How to Apply

Applications for summer 2017 and academic year 2017-2018 funding are due by Friday, March 31, 2017. Applications can be emailed to, mailed to MS 024 (Attn: Alyssa Ring), or submitted in person to Alyssa Ring in Shiffman 116.

Please review the Application Packet for complete application instructions, answers to frequently asked questions, and to download the application form.

A complete application consists of the following:

  • Application form (last page of the Application Packet)
  • Statement of purpose
    • Your statement of purpose should be no more than two pages, double-spaced, in 12-point font. It should outline the program (i.e. internship, study abroad program, research fellowship, volunteer program) you are planning to pursue, your goals for the program, and other sources of funding that you are applying for or have received. It should outline your proposed Brandeis-India Fellows Project, or outline a few ideas toward development of a project. Please include information on how you might develop your project in concert with Brandeis alumni and friends – and what steps you might take to make those connections. If you have experience working with alumni or parent relations at Brandeis or elsewhere, please include this information.
  • Current academic transcript
    • Unofficial copies are suitable and can be emailed or attached.
  • Notice of acceptance into an internship program or placement, study abroad program, research, or volunteer program
    • If you have received funding from other sources (such as WOW, Sorensen, or other internship fellowships), and/or have received confirmation of an internship or volunteer placement, please include a copy of that information. If you have applied for a study abroad program in 2017-18, please either include confirmation of acceptance or provide a sheet outlining the steps you’ve taken to apply.
  • One letter of recommendation
    • Note that this letter can be a duplicate copy of a letter already written for you for the purposes of your internship, funding, study abroad, or volunteer application. Preferably, it should be from a Brandeis faculty member.

Each item can be submitted separately by email, mail, or in person. Only complete applications will be considered.