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How do I complete my course evaluations?

  1. Make sure all pop-up blockers for your internet browser are DISABLED
  2. Log in to Sage:
  3. Scroll down to the "Additional Services" section
  4. Click on the link to "Course Evaluations" -- where you will see each of your courses listed, along with a link to the Course Evaluation of each one
  5. If you experience any problems at all, please let us know via email at

Please complete an evaluation for each instructor listed.  For some courses, you may also see a list of teaching assistants.  Please choose the teaching assistants whom you are able to evaluate - those with whom you have had interaction.

Why should I complete my course evaluations?
Course evaluations are used in many ways:

  • By all students, to gain early access to their grades each term
  • By graduate student TAs, to assemble their teaching portfolios
  • By your fellow students, in selecting courses
  • By professors, to improve their teaching
  • By deans and department chairs, in evaluating faculty
  • By award committees, in selecting teaching award winners
  • By departments and committees, in evaluating candidates for tenure and promotion

Why can't I access my grades or request a transcript?
Once all course evaluations have been submitted by an individual student, that student will then have early access to their grades. Even if a professor posts your grades early, you will be unable to access them until you complete all of your Instructor Course Evaluations.  This is in place in order to ensure that course evaluations are genuine and not reactions to specific letter grades.  For the same reason, updated transcripts are unavailable until all course evaluations have been completed. 

I submitted all of my course evaluations; why can't I see my grades now? 
Usually, the "hold" on your account will take a few hours to lift.  If you are certain that all of your evaluations have been submitted, please check again after some time has passed.  If the hold still exists, let us know and we will address the situation.

Will I be reminded to complete my course evaluations?
Yes, multiple times.  An e-mail will be sent to all students announcing the start of the evaluation period. The e-mail will include instructions for completing the evaluations, along with a link.  E-mail reminders will be sent periodically during the evaluation period to students who have not yet completed their evaluations.

When are course evaluations completed?

Are evaluations confidential and anonymous?
Yes, evaluations are confidential and anonymous. We recognize that this is a primary concern when completing course evaluations online.  Please be assured that the online evaluation system keeps a record of who has submitted an evaluation in order to ensure that no student can submit more than one evaluation in any course; but it disassociates the student’s name from the evaluation that he or she submitted.  Thus, we know whether or not you have submitted an evaluation, but have no record attaching your identity to any one evaluation.   Because evaluations are completed online, there’s no need to worry about a professor recognizing your handwriting.

What if I make a mistake?  Can I change my evaluation once I have submitted it?
No, evaluations cannot be changed once they are submitted.  This is because, as described above, students’ identities are immediately disassociated from the submitted evaluation.  Please be careful when filling out evaluations and do not open multiple evaluations in different browser tabs or windows.

However, in the event that a mistake is made, you may fill out a Course Evaluation Resubmission Form.  This is essentially a blank version of the Instructor Evaluation Form used in the regular online evaluations.  There is space at the top of the form to include a reason for resubmission, where students can describe the nature of the mistake.  These forms are then sent to the Course Evaluations Office via email at Once received, the Course Evaluations Office will disseminate each resubmission to the appropriate professor and department, while maintaining student anonymity. More information can be found on the Resubmission page of this site.

What if I need assistance? 
For additional assistance, please e-mail:


What courses are evaluated?
All courses that have regular class meetings are eligible to be evaluated.  Undergraduate courses can be excluded from the evaluation list only with the approval of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.  The graduate schools set their own policies on evaluation of graduate courses, i.e., courses numbered 200 or higher.

What evaluation form is used?
The university has a standard evaluation form that is used in all courses. (Separate evaluation forms are used for teaching fellows and physical education classes.)  Currently, no questions can be added to or removed from the evaluation forms. Please click here to view a copy of our course evaluation forms for Instructors, Teaching Assistants, or Physical Education classes.
When are course evaluations completed?

When are evaluation results available?  
Results are usually available within one week of the close of the evaluation period.

How are evaluation results accessed?
Evaluation results are accessed online, through Sage: detailed instructions for faculty. Faculty will receive an e-mail with the overall completion rate for the previous semester, instructions on how to access the results, and a link to follow to access them.

What if I need assistance?
For additional assistance, please e-mail:


How do I enter teaching assistants in Sage?
Instructions for entering TAs

How do I verify courses for instructor evaluation?

Instructions for verifying courses

How can I see the different course evaluation forms that are available?
Please click here to view a copy of our course evaluation forms for Instructors, Teaching Assistants, or Physical Education classes.

What if I need assistance?
For additional assistance, please e-mail: