BEMCo's 2012 Ford ExpeditionBEMCo operates a 2012 Ford Expedition equipped with full emergency vehicle lighting as its primary emergency medical response vehicle. The BEMCo truck carries basic life support (BLS) equipment in excess with the regulations outlined for Class V ambulance in the state of Massachusetts. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • burn kits
  • defibrillators
  • electric suction and airway management equipment
  • extrication equipment
  • medication: albuterol, aspirin, epinephrine
  • obstetrics supplies
  • oxygen
  • spinal immobilization devices
  • splinting devices

If a patient requires additional advanced life support care BEMCo will dispatch an ambulance from an outside agency for transport to a local hospital or trauma center.

BEMCo also maintains a 2006 Ford Taurus as a second response vehicle. Equipped with graphics, strobe lights, an air horn and multiple bags of EMS supplies, it is used by the on-duty BEMCo supervisor to decrease response time and as a backup in case of multiple emergencies. It does not transport patients.