Photo of BEMCo logo

The Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo) was established in 1983 by then undergraduate Jim Meisel ’85, M.D.

At its formation, BEMCo was a fly-car (quick response vehicle) service, only capable of basic treatment and non-emergent transport. In 2006, BEMCo was upgraded to a Massachusetts Certified Class V Ambulance. With this certification, BEMCo was able to carry life-saving drugs, such as albuterol, aspirin, and epinephrine, thus providing an even greater level of care to the Brandeis University campus.

Today, BEMCo provides first response emergency medical care to Brandeis community members. Our fully stocked emergency vehicle is a Massachusetts certified disaster vehicle and carries almost all of the equipment and supply of a Basic Life Support ambulance.

BEMCo has had more than 800 members, all of whom have served the Brandeis University community with tremendous pride and professionalism. At the 2011 National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference, BEMCo received the Striving for Excellence in Campus Emergency Medical Services award for its outstanding service record, which it maintains to this day. In the 2014-15 school year, BEMCo reached its 8000th emergency call, and continues to make strides for further improvements. At the 2016 National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference, BEMCo received the HEARTSafe Campus award.