List of buildings with public access AEDs

Lower Campus

  1. International Business School (IBS), Sachar Building
  2. International Business School (IBS), Lemberg Building
  3. Hassenfeld Conference Center (Upper Sherman)
  4. Shapiro Campus Center (SCC)
  5. Bernstein-Marcus
  6. 60 Turner Street

Upper Campus

  1. Shapiro Science Center (SSC)
  2. Usdan Student Center
  3. Stoneman (Health Center/Public Safety)
  4. Mandel Center
  5. Heller School
  6. Farber Library

Gosman Athletic Center

  1. Linsey Pool Entrance
  2. Linsey Pool
  3. Cardio Room
  4. Athletic Director's Office
  5. Athletic Trainer's office

Free Standing Campus Property

  1. Rabb School of Continuing Studies

Campus AED map

Map of Public Access AEDs

In the February of 2016, BEMCo was awarded the designation of HeartSAFE campus! HeartSAFE is a distinction given by the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation, the American Heart Association, and several other organizations. HeartSAFE communities offer public access AEDs, training in CPR & AED use, an emergency action plan, and a commitment to rapid advanced cardiac care. The title of HeartSAFE campus denotes a campus' commitment to heart safety on campus!

HeartSAFE logo