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Meal Plan Policies

Meal plans are mandatory for students residing in any Residence Hall on campus with the exception of Charles River Apartments, Foster Apartments, 567 South St and Ridgewood.  Students living in these locations are still welcome to purchase a meal plan as well as WhoCash. 

Two Important Notes for First Year students:

All First Year students, regardless of Residence Hall, must choose a meal plan.  This includes first years who may have been assigned to Charles River Apts, FosterApts, 567 South St. or Ridgewood.                                                           

The following meal plans are the ONLY options for first year students:

  • The 21 Meal Plan
  • The 14 Meal Plan (includes $20.00 in points per semester)
  • 10 Meal Combo Plan (includes $525.00 in points per semester)
  • Flex Meal Plan (includes $650.00 in points per semester)

Students who live on campus and have not signed a Residence Hall and Dining License will automatically be assigned the 21-meal plan. Please use the link below to ensure your meal plan is correct. If you have the wrong meal plan, please come to the Campus Card Office to make the change, or email us at . Please note that there are specific dates at the beginning of each semester when meal plan changes are accepted.  When necessary, pro-rated charges may be applied to your student account. An email will be sent to all students at the beginning of each semester as a reminder to check your meal plan.

  Check your meal plan here

Friday, January 24, 2014, will be the last day meal plan changes will be accepted. However, a meal plan change may be made (after this date) if there is a change in housing which could make a different meal plan available or unavailable (i.e. moving in or out of the Village).  When necessary, prorated meal plan charges will be applied to your SAGE account.

Diet and nutrition related issues and questions should be directed to Dining Services at (781) 736-4330.