The South Asian Studies Program offers courses in a range of disciplines. See the Schedule of Classes for additional details and the University Bulletin for a complete list of SAS courses.

South Asian Studies Courses

IGS/SAS 160A:The Rise of India [nw ss]

Taught by Professor Avinash Singh

Examines how India rose to become a world power. With one-seventh of the world's population and a booming economy, India now shapes all global debates on trade, counter-terrorism and the environment. How will it use its new influence? Usually offered every second year.

SAS 100A: India and Pakistan: Understanding South Asia [new ss]

Taught by Professor Ulka Anjaria

An exploration of the history, societies, cultures, religions, and literature of South Asia--India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Uses perspectives from history, anthropology, literature, and film to examine past and contemporary life in South Asia. Usually offered every year.

SAS 140A: We Who Are at Home Everywhere: Narratives from the South Asian Diaspora [hum]

SAS 140A: We Who Are at Home Everywhere: Narratives from the South Asian Diaspora [hum]

Taught by Professor Harleen Singh

Looks at narratives from various locations of the South Asian Diaspora, while paying close attention to the emergence of an immigrant South Asian public culture. Examines novels, poetry, short stories, film, and music in order to further an understanding of South Asian immigrant culture. Usually offered every third year.

REL/SAS 152a Introduction to Hinduism

Introduces Hindu practice and thought. Explores broadly the variety of forms, practices, and philosophies that have been developing from the time of the Vedas (ca. 1500 BCE) up to present day popular Hinduism practiced in both urban and rural India. Examines the relations between Hindu religion and its wider cultural, social, and political contexts, relations between the Hindu majority of India and minority traditions, and questions of Hindu identity both in India and abroad. Usually offered every second year.


SAS 101a South Asian Women Writers

Taught by professor Harleen Singh

Includes literature by South Asian women writers such as Amrita Pritam, Ismat Chugtai, Jhumpa Lahiri, Kamila Shamsie, Tahmina Anam, and Chandini Lokuge. Some of the works were originally written in English, while others have been translated from the vernacular. Usually offered every second year.

SAS 150b Gender, Sexuality, and the Nation in Indian Film

Taught by professor Harleen Singh

A study of Hindi films made in India since 1947 with a few notable exceptions from regional film, as well as some recent films made in English. Students will read Hindi films as texts/narratives of the nation to probe the occurrence of cultural, religious, historical, political, and social themes. Usually offered every third year.