The South Asian Studies Program is the study of the culture, history, politics and literature of South Asia at Brnadeis. We have a vibrant community of faculty in the humanities and social sciences, regularly host lectures by some of the most prominent public intellectuals and scholars of and South Asia, offer a minor for undergraduates who wish to focus their studies on South Asia and offers undergraduate and graduate fellowships. The minor allows students to take courses in a range of disciplines for a deeper study of the region.

South Asia, one of the world’s most populous and significant regions, includes the modern nations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and in certain contexts Afghanistan, Maldives, Myanmar and Tibet. Students completing the minor will come away with a strong understanding of the intellectual, cultural, political, economic and social developments at key periods in South Asia’s history and in the contemporary era.

Spring 2019 Course Highlights

SAS 150B: Gender, Sexuality, and the Nation in Indian Film

Professor Harleen Singh
Block N 
T,Th 2:00 PM–3:20 PM 
Olin-Sang Amer Civ Ctr201

WMGS 135B: Postcolonial Feminisms

Professor Harleen Singh
Block P 
T,Th 3:30 PM–4:50 PM 
Olin-Sang Amer Civ Ctr201

ANTH 158A: Urban Worlds

Professor Jonothan Shapiro Anjaria

Block K 
M,W 2:00 PM–3:20 PM 
Brown Social Science Center115