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Daniel Parmer, MA Daniel Parmer
Graduate Research Associate

Daniel Parmer is a Research Associate at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies and is a 2008/09 Mandell L. Berman Steinhardt Social Research Institute Fellow. He received a dual MA in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and Jewish Professional Leadership at Brandeis University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Social Policy at Brandeis University. Daniel is primarily involved with research on the American Jewish Population Project at the Steinhardt Social Research Institute. He is co-author of several articles and studies including the 2005 Boston Jewish Community Study, 2008 Berkshire Jewish Community Study and "Matrilineal Ascent/Patrilineal Descent: The Gender Imbalance in American Jewish Life (2008)." His dissertation (forthcoming) is titled "Determinants of Marriage Among Jewish Young Adults: The Role of Religion, Homogeneity, and Social Networks in the Marriage Market".