Fall 2017 Bills Have Been Posted

The Fall 2017 bills have been posted to the Student Account Center (SAC). Students can access the SAC by logging into Sage and clicking the “View Account…” link under the Finances section. The SAC displays all charges, financial aid, and payments/payment plans. Students can also access the online payment portal or set-up a payment plan in the SAC.

Parents with participant access to their student’s SAC can log in at brandeis.afford.com (click the Student Account Center Credentials login option). From here, the bill, payment portal, and payment plan enrollment are all available.

Students and parents can print a paper copy of their bill from the "Statements" tab once they receive an e-mail from TMS that the statement has been posted within the SAC. (Please note only the first fall bill will be available via this link; subsequent changes to the bill must be viewed online.)