Tuition and Fees

A typical first-year undergraduate student in residence at Brandeis during the 2022-2023 academic year can expect the following expenses.  These costs have been approved by the Board of Trustees. Brandeis reserves the right to change its fees at any time. 

Please note that if you receive aid, and will live off campus or commute/remote from home, your aid may be affected by this choice. Please consult with your financial aid advisor to discuss the impact of this decision. All first-year students are generally required to live on campus. 

Expense Type Cost



Student Activity Fee (mandatory)


Housing (Basic Double)


Food (12 meals + 850 pts/sem)

Total $79,414

In addition to the above costs, students must also plan for the cost of books and supplies (estimated at $1,000 per semester), personal expenses (estimated at $1,500 per semester), and travel. The above does not include the new student fee ($400 for the entering semester only), the international student fee ($213/semester), the health insurance premium* ($3,632; full year), or the senior/graduation fee ($50), if applicable. Please note that actual costs may also vary based on individual room and board choices.

Please use the Cost of Attendance Calculator to determine actual costs.

*Please note that all full and 3/4 time students must enroll in the qualifying School Health Plan (SHP) or waive the plan and report their own comparable health insurance coverage. This is required by Massachusetts Regulations to assure that students have adequate coverage. The school is required to offer a qualifying health plan known as the School Health Plan (SHP). Any 3/4 and FT students attending an on-campus program can purchase this plan which meets Massachusetts, Federal, and Visa requirements. All international students will be automatically enrolled in the school health plan (SHP).   The 22-23 health insurance rate has not yet been set.