Health Services Access

All undergraduate students have unlimited access to the on-campus resources at Brandeis Health Center. Graduate students have access for immunization services and have the option of purchasing access to the health center for other medical care needs. This access fee covers unlimited visits to Brandeis Health Center and up to twelve (12) visits at the Psychological Counseling Center.  The Health Center does not offer fee-for-service medical care nor does it bill insurers for services.  Access to the Health Center is not to be confused with the Qualifying Student Health Insurance Plan (QSHIP). This is the student health insurance plan offered by the University to meet state regulations mandating insurance coverage for all full and 3/4 time students. 

The following additional costs are the responsibility of the student:

  • Diagnostic testing and imaging provided by off campus facilities, pharmaceuticals provided by off campus facilities, and services charges for off campus medical providers will be billed to your insurance and covered according to your policy. Uncovered costs are the responsibility of the student. 
  • Other off campus services that will be charged by the providers according to your insurance policy include dental care and routine eye care.
  • The Health Center provides immunizations for a supply fee (paid at time of service) for all students at Brandeis.  Many insurance policies will reimburse for these costs. The Health Center provides the necessary documentation to submit for reimbursement as allowed per your insurance policy.