The ICC will close at 5pm  May 3rd-August 29th

There is no printing  during the summer.

Summer Hours

9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Saturday and Sunday

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Madeleine López 

Elba Valerio - evalerio@brandeis.edu
Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator for Sexuality and Gender Diversity

Tara Whitehurst - tlwhitehurst@brandeis.edu
Department Coordinator

ICC Programming Board
Kishah Rajendran
Tony Tran

The programming board works closely with the Intercultural Center to provide guidance and support, as well as train future leaders through the ICC Representative Leadership Program.

Summer Student Office Assistant
Karen Seymour 

'16-'17  ICC Student Office Assistants
Carmela Belizaire
Steven Colon
Janice Fernandez-Student Staff Team Leader
Milena Hakanpaa
Mohammad Hossain
Eric Lin
Karen Seymour
Peggy Wu