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Intercultural Center

The Brandeis University Intercultural Center is dedicated to creating a haven of respect, education and celebration that fosters growth and awareness of the myriad cultures of Brandeis. > more



At Brandeis, students are encouraged to learn about a wide variety of human societies, cultures, and countries and about causes and consequences of differences among racial, ethnic, religious, and other groups.  > more


Upcoming Events

Lectures, events and workshops which focus on diversity, equity and inclusion are hosted by faculty, staff and students throughout the academic year. > more


Brandeis University Diversity Statement


Established in 1948 as a model of ethnic and religious pluralism, Brandeis University:

  • Considers social justice central to its mission as a nonsectarian university founded by members of the American Jewish community;
  • Aims to engage members of our community as active citizens in a multicultural world;
  • Seeks to build an academic community whose members have diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences;
  • Believes that diverse backgrounds and ideas are crucial to academic excellence;
  • Recognizes the need to analyze and address the ways in which social, cultural and economic inequalities affect power and privilege in the larger society and at Brandeis itself;
  • Honors freedom of expression and civility of discourse as fundamental educational cornerstones;
  • Seeks to safeguard the safety, dignity and well-being of all its members; and
  • Endeavors to foster a just and inclusive campus culture that embraces the diversity of the larger society.

Diversity at Our Graduate Schools