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Affiliated Clubs

The ICC serves as an umbrella organization for 16 student organizations. > more



We provide a venue where students can learn and demonstrate social responsibility and diverse leadership; the organizations provide events that focus on issues of culture, ethnicity and social justice. > more


About the Center

The Brandeis University Intercultural Center is dedicated to creating a haven of respect, education and celebration that fosters growth and awareness of the myriad cultures of Brandeis. > more


Please take a look at our calendar and join us at any of our events.



Intercultural Center Club Open House 

Wednesday, September 5th
Intercultural Center, Swig Lounge

Come learn about the Intercultural Center’s clubs, staff, upcoming events and the diverse population it serves.


Gender and Sexuality Center Open House 

Thursday, September 6th
Gender and Sexuality Center, Usdan

Come to this  LQTBTQIA+ brave space and meet clubs, students and staff, as well as learn about upcoming GSC events.


Culture X 2018 One Love: Between the Crossroads

Culture X is a major Brandeis production that seeks to celebrate the diversity that exists within the Brandeis community. Each year, individuals are given the opportunity to express themselves on stage through dance, music, poetry and other forms of expression, which makes Culture X one of the most powerful shows on campus. As part of the Intercultural Center, Culture X also seeks ways to unify the student body and effectively display the best the Brandeis community has to offer.



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