2017 Sessions

Session I
June 5 to July 7, 2017

Session II
July 10 to August 11, 2017

Online Session
June 5 to August 11, 2017

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Justice Brandeis Semester

Justice Brandeis Semester Program

Looking for an more immersive summer academic program?

Want to earn 12-credit hours and a semester of residency toward graduation while exploring a topic you are passionate about?

Consider the Summer Justice Brandeis Semester program.

Brandeis Summer School

If you missed our online information session with first year Brandeis students, you can still view the presentation.

For parents and guardians, you can view the slides from the November 17 online information session here.  

The majority of dates contained on this site pertain to the 2016 schedule. This site will be under construction and will publish dates as well as course offerings in February 2017.

Brandeis University Summer School is an open-admission program offering courses and special programs for college-level credit. Small classes taught by experienced and dedicated Brandeis faculty are the hallmark of these offerings.


> Current Brandeis students

> Visiting students from other colleges

> High school students

> Incoming Brandeis First-Year and Mid-Year students

> Adult students

> Visiting international students

The Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) summer program

Justice Brandeis Semester

Looking for a more immersive summer program?

Want to earn 12 credit hours, and a semester of residency toward graduation?

Then consider the summer Justice Brandeis Semester program.

There are several intensive 9- or 10-week programs combining thematically linked courses, field-based research experiences, creative work, and community engagement opportunities; all designed to help you delve deeply into a specific area of study. JBS include programs in Bio-Inspired Design, Mobile App Development, Psychology Research into School Bullying, and an exploration of the legal and ethical issues facing the American Healthcare system.

Please note: There are limited spaces and financial aid available for the JBS programs, so early application is strongly encouraged!

Visit the summer Justice Brandeis Semester program website today for more information about the programs being offered in 2017.