Brandeis Summer School

Resources for Students

The following support services are available to you:

Student Accessibility Support (SAS) is dedicated to providing a range of supports and services for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities. SAS strives to ensure that all students can access and participate both within classrooms and within the broader campus community.

Most commonly this includes:

  • Engaging in an interactive process with students to create accommodation letters
  • Meeting with students to provide ongoing academic supports
  • Collaborating with faculty to ensure academic accommodations are effectively implemented
  • Coordinating with other relevant offices across the Brandeis campus
  • Providing on-going development for the Brandeis community

SAS is located in Usdan (East) 130. For appointments or questions, please feel free to call SAS at 781-736-3470 or email us.

Emergency funds are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Due to the limited nature of these funds, priority is given to undergraduates and graduate students with demonstrated financial need and whose circumstances require an independent living arrangement. Brandeis is unable to support a student’s family members or pay for childcare. We can help offset the costs of technology (laptop, internet) for students enrolled in summer or fall classes.

To learn more about these funds, and to apply, please visit the Student Financial Services website.

Brandeis University is seriously committed to protecting all of its students. If you feel like you are in an unsafe situation, there are many resources available. Please contact the Prevention Advocacy and Resource Center (PARC) to speak to someone about your situation.

Learn more about the PARC.