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General Tutoring

For the past 30 years, General Tutoring has matched Brandeis students with local public school students for free, weekly one-on-one tutoring. General Tutoring serves local students of all ages and grades and assists them in any academic subject area, ranging from basic reading and math skills to SAT/ACT preparation. More than 100 Brandeis students volunteer each semester in the program, serving more than 100 students in the Greater Waltham community.

Population Served: Greater Waltham students in grades K-12
Community Partners: Local school systems in the Greater Waltham area
Transportation: The program takes place on the Brandeis campus. Families bring students to Brandeis at a time mutually agreed upon with the Brandeis volunteer.
How to Participate: Parents, teachers, students, guidance counselors and potential volunteers, e-mail the program coordinators at or call (781) 530-4688

Volunteer Time Commitment: Once a week for an hour at a time that is mutually convenient for the tutor and the tutee. 

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