Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs provides programs, services and resources that contribute to the overall educational mission, build community, provide support and create an inclusive, vibrant Brandeis experience for our graduate and undergraduate students.

The division continually aligns itself with the Framework for Our Future, committing to the following guiding principles:

  • Creating community and belonging
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility
  • Holistic well-being (physical, spiritual and mental wellness)
  • Fostering growth, success and resilience

Student Affairs' Vision

Student Affairs will be a prominent division fostering transformative experiences that empower our students to become responsible, engaged, global citizens with the skills, values and tenacity needed to repair the world. 

Divisional Goals

  • Maintain, create and implement evidence-based programs, services and resources that promote positive change in students’ wellness knowledge, skills and behaviors with a focus on the emotional, physical, spiritual and occupational dimensions of wellness.
  • Provide a vibrant student experience that supports overall student development, opportunities for connections, learning, support, leadership and success.  
  • Create an inclusive environment that supports graduate student belonging, connection and success in both academic and co-curricular experiences.
  • Advocate for strategic investment in human resources and the university’s physical plant to provide quality programs, facilities, activities and services for students.
  • Incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility into our work, supporting the larger university goals of DEI&A. Actively welcome differences and identities, honor the integrity of different faith traditions and remove physical and other barriers to student success.

In pursuing these goals, Student Affairs is committed to 

  • Establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships and collaborations with Brandeis faculty, staff, students, community partners and other stakeholders.
  • Recruiting, recognizing and retaining a student affairs team who serve as campus leaders in student support and success.
  • Supporting professional development for staff as they aspire to become leaders in their fields.