Writing Center Workshops

Upcoming Workshops (Fall 2013):

UWS Research Topic Clinics - TBD

Pre-Health Personal Statement Writing Workshop - TBD

Past Workshops (2011-2012):

Introduction for the Genetic Counseling Program - Sept. 13, 12:30-1:30, with Nathaniel

Introduction for Posse students - Sept. 21, with Steve

UWS Research Topic Clinics - Nov. 29, 12:00-6:00, with Steve, and Nov. 30, 12:00-6:00, with Rachana

Pre-Health Personal Statement Writing Workshop - Dec. 1, 7:00-8:00, with Michaela

Introduction for HSSP 115b: Perspectives on Behavioral Health - Jan. 31, with Tina

Introduction for HSSP 532b: Social Policy Analysis - Feb. 13, with Nathaniel

Workshop Descriptions:

Introduction to the Writing Center - The Writing Center directors provide a brief overview of our services to your department's incoming students, focusing on any writing issues that your department identifies as typically problematic. We can also conduct a short writing assessment to assist you in guiding your students to seek help on papers and proposals.

Research Topic Clinics - Each semester, the Writing Center holds a series of short, one-on-one workshops aimed at helping writers improve their end-of-the-semester research projects. Students need not have any writing completed for these sessions, but those who have already begun composing research essays are also welcome to attend the clinics. We can help with any stage of the research process. These 15-minute meetings focus on the following goals:

1. sharpening your research topic or question

2. developing useful search terms for your exploration of digital catalogs

3. creating a list of useful databases or subjects in which to perform searches

4. articulating a provisional thesis claim

5. constructing a plan for research and/or drafting

Pre-Health Personal Statement Writing Workshop - In conjunction with Academic Services, the Writing Center offers a tutorial for pre-health student on how to prepare their personal statements when applying to medical school programs.