Pat Oleszko | Fool for Thought

Monday, November 21 - Friday, March 3


Pat Oleszko, Hello Folly, 2015, Performance view at Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

Performance artist Pat Oleszko makes a spectacle of herself—and doesn’t mind if you laugh. With elaborate handmade costumes and props, she utilizes the body as armature for ideas in an array of lampoons that call her audience to action. From the personal to the political, her performances and installations ceremoniously exorcize through humor. Hoisting an enormous burning bra on the exterior of the Women’s Studies Research Center, the exhibition Fool for Thought highlights costumes and performances from a wild variety of events including Hello Folly: The Floes & Cons of Arctic Drilling, Oldilocks and the Bewares, Stalking Walking Topiary and The Pat and the Hats. Oleszko, self-identified as the Fool in question and the questioning Fool, fans the flames with rousing absurdity and maintains that she who laughs, lasts.


Wednesday, January 25, 4:30 pm

Artist Lecture | Pat Oleszko

Wednesday, January 25, 6:00-8:00 pm

Artist Reception| Pat Oleszko