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Welcome to the Student-Scholar Partnership (SSP)


What is the Student-Scholar Partnership Program (SSP)?

The SSP is a paid, on-campus internship designed to give undergraduate students a unique learning experience by allowing them to work side by side with Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC) Scholars in a multitude of fields.  The program is open to Brandeis Undergraduate Students and offers positions in each of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Students are hired for fifty hours over the course of the semester. In a few cases, two students share the fifty hours.

How can I apply?

Undergraduate Brandeis students can explore the SSP openings through the Brandeis Student Employment website: Open positions will also be posted on the SSP website - click on the "Project Openings" link on the left.

What happens after a student is hired?

Once accepted, Students and Scholars actively work together on a project in the Scholar’s field of interest. Past projects have involved work in areas as diverse as art installations, book publications, translation, and scientific and social research. 

Each Spring the SSP publishes a Journal. Please read the Journal to gain a deeper understanding of the types of relationships the SSP fosters, and to get a sense of some of the groundbreaking and creative work done by our Scholars and Students. The link can be found to the left.

What is the Interview Process like?

Hiring decisions are made on an ongoing, rolling basis.  Pre-screened applicant resumés are forwarded to the appropriate Scholar.  Each Scholar then reviews the resumés they have received and schedules an interview with qualified candidates.  After being hired, the final step in the partnership formation process is an orientation meeting with the Program Coordinator, Kristen Mullin, during which program expectations and ideas about mentoring are explained.

SSP History and Benefits:

Coordinated by Kristen Mullin, the SSP was launched in the spring of 1997 as a project of the Women’s Studies Program at Brandeis University.  Today, the Program continues as an important component of the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC).   Scholars benefit from the fresh perspective and insights of undergraduate students.  Students benefit from working with a professional and gaining work experience.

Who can I contact for more information?

Student-Scholar Partnership Program (SSPP) Coordinator  Kristen Mullin can be reached via e-mail:

Thank You!

 The Student–Scholar Partnership is dedicated to establishing mentoring learning relationships between Scholars of the Women’s Studies Research Center and undergraduate Brandeis Students.  We gratefully acknowledge the following generous donors for supporting our vision and work:

Mrs. Cynthia L. Berenson
Mr. Theodore S. Berenson Jr.
Mrs. Florence George Graves
Mrs. Barbara Fish Lee
Ms. Alice Jelin Isenberg
Ms. Sandra H. Bakalar
Ms. Iris M. Fanger
Ms. Jane A. Weingarten
Ms. Sukeshi Sondhi
Ms. Andrea K. Waldstein
Mrs. Constance Giesser
Ms. Helen A. Berger

We are very proud to announce the Spring Journal 2017  is now available online.  Please read it through to discover some of the ways the Student-Scholar Partnership (SSP) is working to enrich our world and daily lives.  Employing thoughtful, insightful and enlightening methods of research and action, as well as commendable mentoring, the SSP has had another brilliant year of learning and growth.