The Wide World of Research

Recent Brandeis research projects include:

  • an on-campus survey exploring the social meanings of the iPod
  • a series of painted portraits of TYP alums, exploring identity and the history of portraiture
  • biology research exploring the memory of fruit flies and how this affects mating behavior
  • research and performance of a medieval liturgical song cycle
  • a study of Dostoevsky's notebooks, investigating his approach to writing novels
  • a study of how children perceive emotions in different genres of music
  • research into the concerns of Sudanese refugee women living in Massachusetts
  • design of an interdisciplinary course encompassing neuroscience and philosophy

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An Introduction to Academic Fellowships

Fellowships provide support for students to develop their academic interests further. Often, this includes working closely with a faculty mentor on both the design of a project and the process of carrying it out. The Office of Academic Services can help guide you through the necessary steps in applying for a fellowship: from building your connections to faculty, to refining your initial ideas, all the way through the various stages of writing your proposal.

Fellowships are available to all students, and we encourage you to explore the options. Many fellowships are devoted to funding students with good ideas, and therefore many factors are taken into account other than GPA in order to qualify. Students often report that getting the chance to do their own research with a mentor has transformed their education, allowing them the chance to discover their own abilities. 

As you can see by the few examples listed here of recent projects, there are no constraints based on discipline or field of study. We welcome students to investigate fellowship opportunities in all areas of study here at Brandeis: arts, sciences, social sciences, and all their various combinations.