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     - Marcel Proust

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Academic Fellowships

Update as of 3/19/20:
For Spring 2020, all Fellowships Advising will be conducted remotely via phone, Zoom, Skype, etc. To set up an appointment with a Fellowship Advisor or to be added to the weekly Fellowships email list, please email

Brandeis prides itself on the opportunities available for students to conduct research and independent projects under the guidance of faculty mentors.  Intensive research experiences lead to more than seventy students each year serving as coauthors with faculty in peer-reviewed research journals.  This site provides an introduction to the academic fellowships administered by the Office of Academic Services.  We counsel both current Brandeis students and recent Brandeis alumni.

Use this site as a starting point as you gather information.  The links listed in the Online Resources section are also useful as you decide which fellowships suit your academic interests best.  If you decide to apply for a fellowship, we ask that you make an appointment to meet with Meredith Monaghan ( very early on in the process.  You should also feel free to email or meet with Meredith to begin an ongoing conversation about which fellowships might be a good match for you.