Overview of Technology Resources For Faculty Teaching Remote and Hybrid Courses

Echo360 Lecture Capture Platform:

Classroom lecture capture: 20 Brandeis classrooms are currently equipped with fully automated Echo360 lecture capture systems for recording and live streaming class sessions. Additional classrooms are being equipped with these systems this Summer. The exact number and location of additional classrooms is still being determined. A full list of equipped classrooms can be found on the Echo360 information webpage. Once your classroom and class times have been finalized, you can request to have your classes recorded using the request form, which is linked from the Echo360 information webpage

Echo360 Software capture: The Echo360 platform offers Universal Capture software to record and live stream lectures from your personal computer OR from any classroom that does not have a fully integrated system. You can download the software from within your account at echo360.org.

Echo360/LATTE integration: There is now a button on the LATTE ATTO toolbar that will allow you to access your recordings, launch the capture software or upload files directly to your Echo360 account directly from LATTE. Simply choose an activity within LATTE, such as a forum, assignment or other activity and look for the blue button (the first button on the toolbar). This button will provision your account if you do not already have one and provide access to all of these tools. More information about the Echo360/LATTE integration can be found on the ITS website.

Echo360/Zoom integration: Any user who has both a Zoom and Echo360 account will now have their Zoom recordings automatically copied to their Echo360 library. This will allow the Zoom recordings to be easily posted to LATTE via LATTE/Echo360 integration, as well as access to Echo360’s editing tool for trimming recordings or creating clips. More information on the advantages of this integration can be found in this article


Zoom continues to be a great tool for synchronous class sessions as well as recording presentations. Zoom offers automatic transcription of recordings, screen sharing, polling, breakout rooms, chat and many other features. For a quick overview of Zoom’s main interactive features, please watch this video tutorial. Access to Zoom as well as documentation and resources on the ITS Zoom webpage.

Zoom vs. Echo360: What’s the difference?

Zoom’s primary use is for synchronous meetings, such as class sessions, though you can certainly record a presentation using Zoom. Echo360 is primarily for pre-recording or live-streaming a lecture, with limited interaction such as polling, voting or chat. For remote teaching, Zoom is best for face to face, synchronous sessions with interactivity. When lecturing from an Echo360-equipped classroom, please consider submitting a request to ITS to have your lecture recorded and streamed live via the automated Echo360 lecture capture system. When teaching synchronously from a classroom that does not include an automated Echo360 lecture capture system, Zoom as well as Echo360's desktop software solutions remain as options. For pre-recording lectures, as well as hosting/managing your digital media content, please consider Echo360's Universal Capture desktop software as an option. Please see the Zoom/Echo360 comparison document for more information on the features of each platform.  


Zoom: All Zoom cloud recordings include automatic transcriptions. These transcripts can be edited by the recording owner and can be downloaded if the recording is to be transferred to another platform, such as Echo360. 

Echo360: Echo360 offers automatic transcriptions for recordings. A recording must be published to a course in order for a transcript to be generated. A feature to generate a transcript without publishing to a course will be available in the future. Echo360 can accept transcripts generated by Zoom by uploading the transcript manually. Echo360 also offers a very easy to use transcript editor to fix errors.

Note: Accuracy of automatic transcriptions is dependent on audio quality. Automatic transcriptions do not make recordings fully accessible unless the transcript is edited to fix errors.

Classroom Upgrades for Fall 2020:

Many classrooms are being upgraded over the Summer to prepare for hybrid learning scenarios for the Fall. Adding to an existing 20 Echo360 classrooms, an additional 20 spaces will be outfitted with Echo360 prior to Fall semester. Specific room locations will be shared with the community as soon as possible. Additional classrooms will be outfitted with enhanced camera and microphone solutions for use with Zoom, Echo360 lecture capture software or other video-based teaching tools. Further details on these upgrades will be released when available.

Privacy Concerns:

Faculty members have asked if students must “consent” both before being recorded in Zoom or Echo360 and before these recordings are shared. All parties are to be informed if a class is being recorded. The Office of the General Counsel office has been consulted on this issue, and solutions are being discussed by the Dean and Provost. Technical methods to manage recordings include:

Retention of Recordings:

Zoom recordings will remain on Zoom’s cloud server for 1 year (12 months) from the date of the recording. Echo360 recordings will remain on the server for a minimum of 1.5 years (18 months). For any recordings that need to be archived permanently or re-used for future years, please keep a local backup or contact an IT administrator for assistance with more permanent hosting solutions.

Security of Recordings:

Videos hosted on the Echo360 system that are linked/embedded on a LATTE course will only be accessible by students enrolled in the course. Public links can be generated manually by the instructor if a recording needs to be shared outside of the LATTE course. Those public links have the option to require authentication.

Zoom recordings can be shared via a public link and options are available to require authentication, set a custom password, and control the ability for the viewer to download the video. Keep in mind that if your Zoom recording was copied to Echo360, the Echo360 security features will then apply to your video, keeping it secure while posted on LATTE.

Additional Help Resources:

Please send general help inquiries to help@brandeis.edu

For help with LATTE, including documentation on how to use Echo360 and Zoom within your LATTE course, please visit the Learn LATTE course within the “Special Courses” section of your LATTE home page.

Additional information about the Echo360 Lecture Capture Platform and Zoom at Brandeis can be found within the Brandeis ITS website.