Faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences

Brandeis University's School of Arts and Sciences is home to award-winning researchers and scholars, world-renowned musicians and artists, and innovative teachers with a passion for what they do.

A professor stands next to President Biden at the receipt of a Medal of Science

A Reputation for Academic Excellence

Our faculty boasts Nobel Prize laureates, Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators, esteemed members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and more. As pioneers for groundbreaking advancements in their disciplines, A&S faculty enrich the Brandeis experience for our students.

A professor smiles at the front of a classroom

Celebrating Authors Across Disciplines

Within the School of Arts and Sciences, our faculty contribute to their fields through production of diverse manuscripts, essay collections, and translations. Such scholarly endeavors are a shining example of our faculty's commitment to academic excellence.

a faculty member instructs a student on drawing

Providing Resources for Faculty Success

Brandeis faculty are leaders in their fields, as passionate about teaching and mentorship as they are about pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Prospective and new faculty can explore funding opportunities, the faculty mentoring program, prizes and awards, and faculty governance structures for information on how the School of Arts and Sciences supports and celebrates its faculty.

“I am grateful to my colleagues at Brandeis and to the unusual environment here that allows researchers to explore without boundaries while also engaging students in the process of discovery. This is a very special — perhaps unique — university.”

Nobel Laureate Michael Rosbash

The Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience and Professor of Biology